Elina Duni / Jean-Paul Brodbeck duo

Elina Duni - voice
Jean-Paul Brodbeck - piano

Our first love: it pursues us, somehow unfathomably puts us under its spell, and once we’re ensnared it seems impossible to escape.  Our love for Billie Holiday is like that too: precipitous and without hope of release.

Her voice is like a bittersweet promise, gushing through us and taking us to the edge of an emotion which can’t be properly explained: a shining, gleaming sadness which makes its pain tolerable, because we dare to approach it, indeed even to dance with it.

We find this same shimmering sadness in Elina Dunis’s vocals. Her Balkan background, blended for years with Jazz, permeates through the songs of ‘Lady Day’, to which Elina brings here a fresh interpretation. She is accompanied on piano by her friend Jean-Paul Brodbeck, whose talents are very familiar to us. Together they create a sphere in which music becomes a story about a life – perhaps even a story about all lives - crushed by an unquenchable thirst for life itself.